Monday 12 August 2013

Review - Unattended Funeral

Unattended Funeral

It says something that I was listening to the new Gets Worse seven-inch right before this, and yet these Slovakian grinders still sound heavy as fuck. They've got that low-end, MitB-style rumble that really adds something extra to their sound, and the production really pushes the bass to the foreground, with the guitar relegated to the back, providing texture for the groovy, intense bass playing. The drumming is another reason to like this band. While too many grind bands rely on relentless blastbeats, Unattended Funeral mix things up a little; there are moments of absolute fury, but the drummer has some subtlety - a word rarely heard in grind circles - and manages to vary the mood and style without easing up on the audio violence. The songs deal with the standard themes of misanthropy, anti-capitalism, etc. but that's no bad thing - they're constant themes these days. All in all, I would absolutely recommend you download this track - or even go for the extra-fancy tape release.

Rating: 7/10

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